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2019 LA Grade 1 Results

  • 15 September 2019
  • Author: Michelle DuBose
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2019 LA Grade 1 Results

LA Grade 1 Results (60 Dogs)

1st: #711 Swamp Side Milk (Swamp Side Snoopie x Peyton's Snowball) Swamp Side 270pts

2nd: #1 BadWeather's Whip-It (Broadway's Curly Bill x Broadway's Bonnie) BadWeather 290pts

3rd: #44 BadWeather's Fenny (Moody's Matthew x Lewis' Annie) BadWeather 272pts

4th&Comb&Dual: #9Turdhill's CEO (Turdhill's BossMan x DuBose's Lemonaide) Stay Ready 386pts

5th: #50 BCK's Rooter (Lamey's Clyde x BCK's Pink) BCK 260pts

6th: #2 BCK's Fly (BCK's Sam x Hot Wire Guinea D) BCK 254pts

7th: #42 DB's Penny (Broadway's Curly Bill x Chase's Lil Sis) 850 Mafia 248pts

8th: #31 Turdhill's Impact (Crew's Tennesse x LCK's Lil Girl) Stay Ready 192pts

9th: #41 Quick Pick (TOC's Horse Head x TOC's Beagle) White Boot Mafia 186pts

10th: #8 Tippy (Turdhill's MoneyMan x Maybeline) D&C 180pts

Classy Hound: #151 Turdhill's Knot-Head 25pts

Best Mouth: #131 Turdhill's Minnie 25pts

BIS: #16 DuBose's Triton

BOS: #4 DuBose's Epic

Kennel Points: 

Stay Ready: 628pts

BadWeather: 562pts

BCK: 514pts

SwampSide: 270pts

850 Mafia: 248pts

White Boot Mafia: 186pts

D&C: 180pts



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Michelle DuBose

9/15/2019 12:54 PM

Hunt is paid

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