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5th Annual LeBonheur Results

5th Annual LeBonheur Results: (363 Dogs)

1st: #41 BBK Rhonda (BBK Rondo x DB's Wildfire) Buck'n Bull 925pts

2nd: #77 BBK Thelma (Hines Tallboy R x Landreth's 2-Spot) Buck'n Bull 740pts

3rd: #691 Pondside's King Kong (Kolby's Luther x Connor's Pretty Girl) Pondside 629pts

4th: #58 Nolan's Molly (Nolan's Captain x Foster's Dot T) Hays Nolan 592pts

5th: #1 BBK Over The Hill (HW Chance Jr. Smith x Blaine's Ms Freckles) Buck'n Bull 555pts

6th: #472 NG (NG x NG) Jim Little 518pts

7th: #891 Mulkey's Cheeto (Hine's Tallboy R x CH Hat Creek Joann) Buck Naked 481pts

8th: #245 Lucky's Houdini (3L Buggs x 3L Roxie) Lucky Strike 444pts

9th: #114 Pinedale's Bandet B (CH Pinedale Bomber B x McMillan's Gazelle) Pinedale 407pts

10th: #44 Allentown's Numero Dos (Ch J's Sir Bill H x Allentown's Advil) Allentown 370pts

BM: #191 Charles Parker 15pts

CH: #150 Stay Ready 15pts

Kennel Points: 

Buck'n Bull: 2220pts

Pondside: 629pts

Hays Nolan: 592pts

Jim Little: 518pts

Buck Naked: 481pts

Lucky Strike: 444pts

Pinedale: 407pts

Allentown: 370pts

Charles Parker: 15pts

Stay Ready: 15pts

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Michelle DuBose

8/24/2020 2:18 PM

Hunt is paid

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