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Andalusia Derby Results

Andalusia Derby Results (53 Dogs)

1st: #16 DuBose's Porsche (T-Byrd's Ben x Eastman's CC) 850 Mafia 175pts

2nd: #5 BadWeather's Crash (TOC TO x Thompson's Black-Out) BadWeather 145pts

3rd: #7 Jayce's Black Gyp (PSC Bart x Rouchon's Bonnie) Green Branch 130pts

4th: #17 Jayce's Little Casino (Cain's Bushwacker x Firetalk Boogie) Green Branch 125pts

5th: #55 BCK's Ax Man (BCK's Sam x C&S Sandy) BCK 115pts

6th&Comb: #66 DuBose's Triton (4X Ace x 4X Salt) 850 Mafia 150pts

7th: #6 DuBose's Lotto (TOC TO x TOC's Lotto) 850 Mafia 105pts

8th: #110 Webb's Clyde (Webb's Tuff x C&M Flirt) Webb, Eli & Lil Biloxi 100pts

9th: #61 DuBose's Mercedes (TOC's Jameson x T-Byrd's Sadie) 850 Mafia 95pts

10th: #75 BCK's Frank (BCK's Primetime x Adams Betty) BCK 85pts

Kennel Points: 

850 Mafia: 525pts

Green Branch: 255pts

BCK: 200pts

BadWeather: 145pts

Webb, Eli, Lil Biloxi: 100pts

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Michelle DuBose

2/17/2020 9:42 AM

Hunt is paid

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