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Fl. Grade 1 Results

Fl. Grade 1 Results (113 Dogs)

"6th Annual Dog Days of Summer"

1st: #2 Hillbilly's Crazy Sue (Tadpole's Bad Ace x Prevott's Cheetah) Silas Creek 540pts

2nd & Comb.: #72 Top Flite's Lady (CH. Pinedale Stump x NG) Top Flite 550pts

3rd: #610 Dorman's Grey Girl (CH. BCK Sam x Dorman's White Gal) Richard Dorman 444pts

4th: #411 Slim (CH. Josh's Tim Top x Kyle's Shreader) Dixon Creek 432pts

5th: #888 Allentown's Whiteboy (Kyle's Big Money x Allentown's Advil) Allentown 420pts

6th: #814 CH. LM's Precious (Chambless' Downtown x DuBose's Ringtail) Silas Creek 408pts

7th: #581 Cat 5's Johnny Ringo (CH RD's Jessie James x Polk's Poison Ivy) Pony Express 396pts

8th: #80 Dorman's Speedy (Wise's Screamer x Dorman's Sara) Richard Dorman 384pts

9th:#140 Godwin's Reba (Godwin's Hart x Godwin's Yeti) Run-N-Gun 372pts

10th: #5 Steele's Red Lady (DuBose's Tupac x DuBose's Dolly) Pine Branch 360pts

CH: #713 Clear Branch 25pts

BM: #661 Top Flite 25pts

Kennel Points: 

Silas Creek: 948pts

Richard Dorman: 828pts

Top-Flite: 575pts

Dixon Creek: 432pts

Allentown: 420pts

Pony Express: 396pts

Run-N-Gun: 372pts

Pine Brach: 360pts

Clear Branch: 25pts


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Michelle DuBose

8/12/2020 12:39 PM

Hunt is paid

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