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Ga Grade 1 Results

Ga Grade 1 Results (106 Dogs)

1st: #14 State Lyne Clovis (Jason's Rampage x Nightmoves Busy) State Lyne 495pts

2nd: #71 GreenBranch Yellowhead (Broadway's Stud x Broadway's JoJo) GreenBranch 490pts

3rd: #5 BadWeather's Bodacius (Lakehill's Tobe x Water's Oak Faye) BadWeather 457pts

4th: #69 DuBose's Lizzo (TOC's TO x TOC's Black Betty) 850 Mafia 446pts

5th: #1 State Lyne Joe (Moody's Matthew x Temple's Wicked) State Lyne 385pts

6th: #70 GreenBranch Boots (TOC's TO x TOC's Black Betty) GreenBranch 424pts

7th: #24 D&H Goldrush (D&H Waylon x Slady Bank Rollcall) D&H 363pts

8th: #9 DownTown's Cricket (DownTown's Down Town x DuBose's Ringtail) DownTown 402pts

9th: #D&H Fantasy (D&H Waylon x Slady Bank Rollcall) D&H 341pts

10th&Comb.: #65 DuBose's Rolex (B&J's Gus x DuBose's Avery) 850 Mafia 450pts

Kennel Points: 

GreenBranch: 914pts

850 Mafia: 896pts

State Lyne: 880pts

D&H: 704pts

BadWeather: 457pts

DownTown: 402pts


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Michelle DuBose

7/12/2020 6:40 PM

Hunt is paid

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